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5 Star Customer Experience .

How to Create a Five-Star Customer Experience

What's the one thing that makes your business stand out amongst competitors?  If you’re thinking that it’s competitive prices or additional business hours, you’d be mistaken.  Don’t get me wrong - while both those things have their place, there’s one thing that takes the trophy when it comes to standing out: Creating a five-star customer experience.  Think about it…  If your customer experience is on point, it’ll give your clients the WOW factor - which will result in them coming back for more, and referring others to you.  With that being said, let’s jump right into 5 elements that’ll help...
Website Success Simply Digital Design Website Example

Website Planning for Website Success (in 2021)

So you’re finally ready to build your website’s success this year. You’ve done your research and you know the amazing benefits that a well-planned website has to offer your business.  Whether you’re a business owner just starting, or a recognized professional in your industry simply wanting to attract more customers by improving your website, you’ll want to stick around.  Because we’ll be showing you the exact steps you need to take to set your website up for success this year. But first, we want you to take a moment and just think... What’s the most important element of business?  The...
Website Content

Create Your Website Content Strategy that Converts

In this article, you will learn how to focus the content of your website to increase your website’s conversion rate. As well as the importance of great content. One of the hardest things when planning out your new website or website re-design is the content for the site. Even hiring a copywriter to do this for you can be a difficult task, as you still need to guide them in what you want your website to say and the message you want to send to potential new clients. Getting clear on your branding, as done in the previous chapter, takes...
Your Website Branding Strategy

What You’d Need for Your Website Branding Strategy

Website Branding  One of the most important things when planning your website design project is making sure you have a well thought out branding strategy. This includes your branding assets such as the logo, typography, colour palette and the look, feel and positioning of your brand. However, website branding is so much more than just your assets.  Company branding strategy is a much wider concept than just choosing the typography and colour palette for your website.  You need to know how you want your clients to feel when they visit your website. Emotions play a much bigger role in buying...
SDD - Blog Featured Images VS version

The Ultimate Guide to Website Design Planning

The perfect resource for photographers, designers and other creatives to do a website makeover for their website with a blueprint in hand. The Ultimate Guide to Website Design is full of ideas, insights and strategies for creatives who want to plan and design a website design or to do a website re-design. This guide will help you to prepare everything needed for hand over to your Website developer, or it will give you a good framework to start the project yourself. Creating a new website can be a huge undertaking, and for some people, this becomes really overwhelming, but with...

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