The Top 4 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Being A Summit Speaker

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So you want to get the most out of the summit you are speaking at? Here are 4 ways you can do that

You’ve been invited to be a speaker at the summit that everyone’s talking about. 

Very exciting!

Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or brand new to speaking, participating in a summit could be an amazing opportunity to get in front of the people in your niche. 

It does however take time and energy to prepare and participate in something like this. 

But, if you do it the right way, you’ll be able to reap the sweet benefits for years and years to come. 

Here are the top 4 ways to get the most out of the summit that you’re speaking at:

Lead Magnet with a Opt-in or Lead Funnel

Participating in a summit gives you the opportunity to grow your email list with your IDEAL target audience. 


With most summit presentations you’ll be given a chance to capitalize on engagement by giving a short call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your presentation. 

This means that you get to include a lead magnet (relevant to the topic that you’re speaking about), such as a workbook, downloadable PDF, checklist, etc that the audience can download in exchange for their email. 

Oh yes, you know what that means… 

Your email list will get filled with people who are most likely to buy products/services from your company.

That’s GOLD! Am I right? 

However, you must remember to use this email list the smart way. 

NEVER go in for the premium sale straight away. It won’t work.

Think about it… 

Would you buy a $500 + product/service straight off the bat? No. 

Neither will the people on your email list. 

You need to give them time to ease into your company and build trust first. 

To do this, you could follow up with a warm-up sequence, or you could even offer them a tripwire (a low-priced product) with the intention of selling them more expensive products later.

Lead magnet with opt in or lead funnel
Lead magnet with opt in or lead funnel

All Access Pass Contribution

Offering one of your lower-priced but valuable offers as part of the All-Access Pass is one of the best ways to get in front of new people.

So, which one of your offers should you include in the All-Access Pass?

The best thing to include is a SLO (self-liquidating offer) Funnel.

What is a SLO Funnel? 

A very specific funnel where you first offer a basic/low-priced offer for free, and thereafter, upsell the client with a one-time-offer (one of your more expensive and high-end products). 

E.g. If you have a low-priced template valued at $47, you can give the audience a coupon that they can use to get the template for free. However, once they’ve downloaded the free template, they’re automatically redirected to a sales page where they get a one-time-offer for your more expensive course that covers the implementation of the template in-depth. 

Try choosing a low-priced and higher-end offer that is somewhat related to your speech, or at the very least in line with the summit topic. 

If none of your offers is in line with your speech or the summit topic, then you could always create something new specifically for the summit. It might be the perfect time to create your first SLO funnel. 

By contributing one of your offers to the All-Access Pass, you’ll not only will you be adding value to the summit and getting the eyes of your ideal clients on you, but you’ll also have the chance to get a good amount of affiliate income when you direct leads to the “All-Access Pass”. Talk about an awesome bonus!

All access pass contribution
All access pass contribution

Sponsor Prizes

Anybody and everybody loves winning prizes!

Use this to your advantage by offering one of your higher-priced offerings as a prize at the summit. 

Depending on the goal of the summit, your host might be delighted to have something worthwhile to offer to one person as a prize for engagement. 

Be sure to let the summit host know about this offer ahead of time because it’ll increase the overall value of the summit.

Another cool thing you can do is to include a list of the different business tools that you use in your presentation – giving the attendees a short tutorial of these tools. 

Thereafter, you can give the list, otherwise known as a resource guide, to the attendees to help them in their business venture. To make this beneficial for you, you can capitalize on this list by adding affiliate links with each tool. 

Sponsored prizes
Sponsored prizes

Worksheets & Conference Workbooks

Summit attendees who pay for an upgrade will get a Conference Workbook and Worksheets that they can refer to while the speakers are busy presenting.  

This could be a great asset for your business as you’re able to provide even more value to the attendees and build trust with them by creating a valuable worksheet that they can use. 

Your worksheet in the book can be very personalized and can give attendees a great indication of the quality that your company provides. 

Remember, your worksheet must correspond with your presentation. However, keep in mind that NOT everyone who hears you speak will have this workbook. Therefore, when you reference it, say something like, “If you purchased the upgrade and have the conference workbook, turn to page 24. If not, grab your journal and get ready to write some notes!” 

What if you want everyone to have your worksheet?

You’re welcome to prepare your own PDF and link to your website in the chat-box for their reference.

worksheets and conference workbooks
worksheets and conference workbooks

What’s Next

Being a speaker at a summit is a great honour. 

To fully recap the benefits of the summit you can add lead magnets, contribute to the All-Access Pass, sponsor a prize, as well as include an amazing worksheet in the conference workbook. 

This way your ideal clients will see how professional your business is and will be so much more likely to do business with you. 

By adding a SLO funnel, you’ll be able to sell your high-end products without spending a fortune on advertising costs!

Need help creating your SLO funnel? We’ll create it for you! Head over to our Development Done in a Day service to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of a summit. 

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