Our Virtual Summit Service: How We Create a Summit from Start to Finish

Our Virtual Summit Service: How We Create a Summit from Start to Finish

If you dream of hosting a mind-blowing Virtual Summit WITHOUT feeling completely overwhelmed and overworked, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s chat about our Virtual Summit Service.

At Simply Digital Design, we’ve been producing summits for 3 years, and as a result, we’ve helped numerous business owners host life-altering summits by following a PROVEN process.  

The backbone of our Virtual Summit Service is based on the Summit in a Box Framework.

After a great deal of trial and error, we finally created a design process that delivers super successful summits every single time. This means: 

  • Your summit is designed quicker via our Day Rate process.
  • You’ll get a step-by-step guideline, making it easy to reach your goals and deadline. 
  • You’ll know exactly what the entire process will cost.
  • Your summit will be awesome – without a doubt!

Below we’ve broken down our summit planning and creation process, so you know exactly what to expect when working with us.

Our Summit creation process from start to finish:

1. The Rundown Chat

Before we start working with you, we’ll arrange a 30-min video call (via Zoom) to talk about your project as well as your goals. 

During the call, we’ll explain our entire Summit Simplified process and run you through a timeline from start to completion.

Before the meeting, you might want to take a look at our article – Everything you need to know about our Summit Simplified service. This article answers ALL of the most frequent questions we get regarding our Summit Simplified Service, and it also explains exactly what’s included…

Because let’s face it…. 

The more you know going into something, the better the outcome will be!

2. Phase #1 – Kickstart Your Virtual Summit

During phase 1, you’ll get a 2-hour summit planning intensive that’ll help you plan your ENTIRE SUMMIT. Together we’ll:

  • Review your summit goals.
  • Create a detailed summit map that’ll show you exactly which tasks need to be done to create an engaging summit.

Once phase 1 is complete, you’ll walk away with: 

  • Highly practical and achievable Summit goals. 
  • A perfectly planned out Summit. 
  • All your tasks & deadlines in Asana, Trello, or ClickUp.

3. Phase #2 – Speaker Ready (VIP Day 1)

The 1st VIP day will be spent setting up EVERYTHING that you need to invite your speakers.

You’ll get access to our Summit Deep Dive resources which includes training and templates to help you get all the pre-work ready for our first day together.

On our first day, we’ll set up your Summit Website, and depending on what you need, we’ll also set up a range of different pages and processes. Options of different pages and processes that we can implement for you include:

  • A Waitlist Page
  • Email Integration & Waitlist Campaign
  • Google Analytics & Facebook Pixels (if applicable to your business)
  • Waitlist Thank You page
  • Speaker Information page
  • and more…

At the end of phase 2, you’ll walk away with: 

  • Highly effective, custom pages and processes that are 100% set up for you.

4. Phase #3 – Registration Ready (VIP Day 2)

The 2nd VIP day will be spent setting up EVERYTHING needed for registration (launch). 

Depending on what you need this may include:

  • Creating your Registration page
  • Creating your All-Access Pass page
  • Email Integration
  • Setup of Affiliates
  • Setup of Product/Course in Membership/LMS Software
  • Product Payment Setup & Email Customization
  • Creating your products (if needed)
  • Creating other pages, such as Terms and Conditions, Speaker Information, etc.

By the end of phase 3, you’ll walk away with: 

  • Your membership portal, email integrations, and ALL registration pages ready to launch.

5. Phase #4 – Upsell Ready (VIP Day 3)

The 3rd VIP day will be spent setting up EVERYTHING needed for your upsell. After this day you’ll be ready to launch your summit! 

Depending on what you need this may include:

  • Creating your All-Access Pass pages for different price levels
  • Create your Meet The Speaker and Schedule pages
  • Create Thank You page
  • Setup of the Buying Process
  • Setup Deadline Funnels for Price Increase
  • Create the Presentation Coming Soon and Presentation Expiry Pages

Once you’ve completed phase 4, you’ll walk away with: 

  • Your differentiated price levels for your different buyer personas. 
  • Your speaker’s meeting and schedule pages. 
  • Everything you need to effectively upsell to your customers – giving you more profit!

6. Phase #5 – Virtual Summit Ready (VIP Day 4)

The final VIP day will be spent setting up EVERYTHING needed for the SUMMIT WEEK. 

Depending on what you need this may include:

  • Setup of all the Presentation pages (embedded videos, information, embedded chat, promo links, etc).
  • Setup of the All-Access Pass Course inside your Membership Platform.
  • Chatroll Chat Boxes for speakers Setup.
  • Deadline Funnels for presentation page redirection and expiration Setup.

By the end of phase 5, you’ll walk away with:

  • All the Speaker Presentation pages. 
  • Chatroll Boxes for all the speakers. 
  • A complete All-Access Pass Course inside your Membership Platform. 
  • Everything tested and ready to go!

7. Virtual Summit Week

We will be available on Summit Standby Support during your summit week to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We also offer community support as an added service if you need someone to run your Facebook Group or handle any Email Support.

What’s Next

You can also get more info on Everything You Need to Know About Our Summit Simplified Service.

Hosting a summit doesn’t have to be hard. 

If you have a dedicated, experienced team by your side, your entire summit planning and creation process will be seamless and enjoyable. 

If you like our Virtual Summit Service process and you’re ready to work with us on your summit project, then get in touch by heading over to our summit consult booking page. We can’t wait to learn more about your summit!

Anchen le Roux

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