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JV Giveaway Events
One of the best ways to build your list quickly is to have access to someone else’s list. Off course to make it worthwhile this list must consist of people more or less interested in what you have to offer. That’s why a JV Giveaway event is such a wonderful opportunity to build your list. Service providers serving the same niche or industry come together and offer their gifts on one platform.
A Giveaway event is like a giant shop window for all participant’s Freebies, gifts or opt-in offers. The host will create one page that displays all the different gifts with images and details and the visitor is free to select what they are interested in.

How exactly does it work?
Each one of the participants agree to send a minimum amount of traffic to the giveaway page. They will receive an affiliate link that they will go and promote to their individual list. They also use Social Media to get people engaged in visiting the page. Therefor Visitors from all of the participant’s lists will land on the giveaway page. You can therefore see the huge possibility for each of the contributors to get noticed by visitors. They will click on the download button and get taken to the individual squeeze pages.

Hosting a giveaway event
Being the host to an event like this could mean a huge increase in the amount of subscribers on your list. You could have an opt-in box or gateway to the Main giveaway page and therefor collect details from all visitors to the site. Alternatively the host’s gift would normally be shown at the top increasing the probability of someone opting in. Off course running the event would be a lot of hard work as you need to create the site and keep track of participant’s unique visitors. This is however simplified by using a plugin for your Word Press Website that has most of the functionality already build in.

Participating in a giveaway event
As said before you get the opportunity of having a lot of eyes on your offer. So you need to make sure that it is something enticing. You also need to commit to sending the traffic to the page. No one likes a free loader and in most event participants who does not send a minimum in the first few hours would be eliminated. If you do not have a huge list already, traffic can easily be generated by using social media. Even running Facebook ads could make a significant difference. Everyone loves free offers so you should not have a problem getting the clicks as long as you have enticing posts and images.

What else do you need?
Besides your free offer ready to be downloaded, you need to make sure that you have a squeeze page or landing page that makes the visitor feel that they came to the right place. Normally just using a graphic or headline similar to that of the Giveaway page should do the trick. You will upload the link to your opt-in page together with an image of the gift, a title and description. Some giveaways also require a headshot of the contributor but this is in most cases optional.

What makes for a high quality event?
The most important thing is that all contributors need to work together to promote the event. Even people with small lists can send a decent amount of traffic to the site as long as they market in some way. Having prizes for leaders could help with motivation and also your offers will rank in order on the page so the more traffic you will send the higher your change of getting notice. Saying that, giveaway events works far better with fewer participants. It does not help to overwhelm the visitor. It is also best to keep the event running only a limited amount of time. This adds the scarcity factor to the event and also helps with focused marketing of the campaign.

I think participating in giveaway events is one of the best and probably easiest things you can do to increase your subscribers. Hosting an event like this is even more beneficial as long as you are willing to do the work. You will find people in Facebook Groups hosting events so make sure you join one in you niche. If you are interested in participating in an event like this with small business owner and start-ups as the target audience, contact me! Also if you are interested in hosting your own event don’t hesitate to contact me. BTW the plugin I use is the JV Giveaway Plugin.

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