New Mama Summit Branding and Website

The New Mama SUMMIT is a Free 5 day online event to learn what you need to know during pregnancy, postpartum and for your baby to feel confident as a new mama.

We did a VIP Summit Simplified package for her first summit (which is a set package of 4 vip days for a full summit setup) and 3 VIP days for her second summit

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We created her summit branding and new summit logo based on the branding of her main brand Eco Chic.

We then created the whole summit platform including registration page, all access pass pages, Speakers pages, Schedule, presentation pages, and the All Access Pass platform.

For her second summit we used the same layouts in most cases but changed out all the content with new speaker and presentation details.

Alexis found us via recommendations in Krista Miller's Summit in Box group, and once she talked to us said that she liked that we were straight forward and didn't seem "just trying to sell her on anything."

She was struggling with the website and tech for a summit site and said that after working with us her tech struggles were gone and that she was grateful that we were very willing to make sure everything was running well and open to any suggestions for changes.

Dr Alexis Reid

"I had a really good experience. Anchen was very easy to work with, quick to respond to my questions, and able to make changes on the fly. Highly recommend!"

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